The west coast awaits you

The west coast awaits you with its sandy and pebble beaches, coves and cliffs. Within a few kilometres you can choose a different area every day to enjoy the sea.

Completely stress-free with the FREE MAREBUS SERVICE or the BUS line.

From mid-June to mid-September our customers can make free use of the MareBus service with which it is possible to go and return comfortably from the Hotel to the beaches of Patresi, Cotoncello and Sant'Andrea.

Le Buche

This small gravel and rock beach is the nearest beach to the hotel. You can reach it by foot (10/15 mins) via a signed and shaded path that starts from the hotel. The beach’s natural and wild aspect and transparent water make it the perfect location for those who love nature and want to relax.

  • Distance from the hotel 800m 
  • 15/20 mins from the hotel


Nice small beach with white gravel and transparent water. You can reach it via a slightly steep path starting from the road that takes you to Patresi Mare’s.

  • Distance from the hotel 1 km – easy to reach
  • 5 mins from the main road to Patresi Mare, or 40 mins by foot from the hotel. 

Patresi mare

Easy to reach both by foot and by car from the road starting at the locality La Guardia. This rocky beach, dominated by a lighthouse, has a bar from which you can rent beach umbrellas. You can also reach this beach by foot from the hotel taking a path that starts form the town square

  • Distance from the hotel 1,2 km – easy to reach
  • 30 mins by foot from the hotel


Small sandy beach easy to reach by car from the road to Sant’Andrea. In front of the beach there is a shallow ‘natural swimming pool’, a quiet and very popular corner for the young ones. A characteristic granite reef connects Cotoncello beach with the bigger beach of Sant’Andrea.

  • Distance from the hotel 4,5 km.


Sandy beach, with bars and rentals, easy to reach by car. You can rent boats and practice watersports.

  • Distance from the hotel 5 km.


A small part of this beach is rocky and on the sides there are quite comfortable slabs of granite. It is very easy to reach and near to the centre of the omonymous village. This is one of the favourite beaches for windsurfers, and is a good beach for those who love nature but likes having comforts at a close distance

  • Distance from the hotel 4,5 km.


Beach of the characteristic small village of the same name. A gravel and rock beach, with slabs of rock on the sides. Well known for its proximity to the wreck of the Scoglio dell’Ogliera , easily visible from the surface with just mask and flippers.

  • Distance from the hotel 6 km

Le Tombe

Long beach of dark gravel of a colour close to black. You can reach it through a path starting from the main road that takes you from Pomonte to Fetovaia. The path is quite exposed to the sun. Part of the beach is a naturist beach.

  • Distance from the hotel 7 km. 


One of the most well-known and busy beaches of the island. This clear and fine sandy beach enjoys a sheltered position from winds and waves. With bars, newsagents and beach umbrellas and chair rentals, it is easy to reach. Attended car park available.

  • Distance from the hotel 8 km.


Sandy beach with a granite reef on the side where there are ‘natural swimming pools’. Bars and facilities available. Easy to reach from the town of the same name.

  • Distance from the hotel 10 km. 


Within a well-sheltered gulf open only to the southwestern currents, this other well-known and popular beach has a sandy bottom and large smooth rocks on the left. The transparent water is highlighted by the light and fine sand. Equipped beach. Pay parking.

  • Distance from the hotel 11 km.