Part of the Legambiente project (EcoHotel) and supporters and members of the Biowatching Association of the Tuscan Archipelago (B.A.T.), we are dedicated to making our home and our island a protected, respected appreciated and valued environment a for its great biodiversity and uniqueness. We promote, participate and organize trekking/kayaking/snorkelling trips, theme weekends, and evenings that will allow you to get to know and enjoy our territory as much as possible.

Bike Hotel

From 2014 Hotel Villa Rita is a Bike Friendly Hotel and is now part of the group ElbaGoodBike

For all the people that would like to visit and discover the island on two wheels we make available the following services in order to make sure your two wheel 'travel companion' will be at ease!

An island of tranquillity at the hearth of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago